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Brain Work

by Peroxide Mocha

Welcome to the scientific world of Peroxide Mocha. In this album, "Brain Work", you will learn many things about news, music, and most importantly science. Some facts may be startling, or even shocking, but do not forget to take notes. Your teacher will be administering a brief test at the end of the presentation. Now voices off, and thinking caps on. It is time for Peroxide Mocha.
Pour some more juice in the fog machine Throw a dope party on a submarine You could break your neck on a trampoline Pass around shots of Listerine (Chorus) Just do what you're gonna do Don't let anybody tell you not to You can do it if you really try You can do it and I'll tell you why, 'cause You're a super star in a fancy car You can do it and I know that you'll go far Shake your body on the boulevard You can do it, it's not that hard its Computer music Computer music Computer music Computer music, that's how you do it Flick twist the knob then flip the switch Time stretch the beat then shift the pitch Ring the bell well hell class dismissed Now all my fly homies just pump your fists, like this (Chorus)
Don't call me Susan Don't call me Steve Don't call the ambulance You're gonna make me bleed Isn't that neat?
Pants-On Dance-A-Thon Keep your pants on all night long
Hey Mr. Muscles, Hey Mr. Flex Hey Mr. Money, Hey Mr. Checks I miss Chex Mix, I miss Doritos I wanna see you in a twenty dollar Speedo Hey Mr. Muscles, Hey Mr. Flex Hey Mr. Bank-roll, million dollar checks I miss Chex Mix, I miss rice Tonight you're gonna get struck by lightning, twice


Peroxide Mocha's long awaited 6th album, recorded between 2010 and 2018. We're happy to share this album with you and we hope you enjoy it! Please share it any way you like and tell your friends!


released April 20, 2018

Peroxide Mocha is Rachel & Pete. Petting cats and getting paid since 1996.


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Peroxide Mocha

Peroxide Mocha is Rachel Picard & Pete Ellison. Petting cats and getting paid since 1996.

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